Saturday, 4 December 2010

BLAUNCH The launch of my blog! Captain's blog Dec 10.

I thought it was about time to share some ideas, new work, recent events and other stuff that inspires me creatively.

So as illustration Blog No 1, let's start with two images made last week for my agent Meiklejohn Illustration for the 2011 copy of Contact Illustrators.

AND my favorite published book this year "MOVIE MAKER". Published in September by Templar. 

This 'hands-on' book is great for any budding film makers. It is contained in a usable 'clapper board' box, neatly designed and has pull out elements including a CD of sound effects. The graphics are well considered too so I was very happy to have my work in it. The overall finished look is great. It also includes quite a few of my favorite illustrations of the year, one of which has won an award but I'm not to mention any more about it until next year.
Watch this space!